How do Groups Make it Through Storming?

What does storming mean in team development? Storming is the second phase in Tuckman’s group development model. It is the stage where the team members begin to voice their opinions, and is the stage where disagreement and even conflict can arise – hence the name ‘Storming’. It is in this stage that the different collaboration … Read more

What is Team Bonding?

Team bonding is the strengthening of the relationship between team members on a personal level. By bonding socially the team members develop a relationship and an understanding of each other outside of the work context. When the team are in the work environment, they are better able to understand each other’s points of view. Why … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Build a Team?

If you put a group of competent professionals into a room (physically or virtually), give them the perfect conditions, it will take a 4-6 months before the group starts to function as a team. Why does it take so long? A group of people go through different stages on the way to becoming what we … Read more

How to Build an Effective Team

Effective Team

Building a highly effective team is often seen as the pinnacle of team development, and something that often talked about, but achieving this goal is difficult. There are a number of factors that can influence the development of a team, and in this article I will discuss eight of these factors. Bring the Right People … Read more

Seven Challenges Faced Everyday by Remote Teams

Remote working for many has become the new normal by necessity, forced upon organisations by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the teams that needed to make this overnight transition, there was an immediate impact on their ways of working, and productivity.  For some, the productivity actually increased slightly – for the company I worked for this … Read more

What is the Ideal Team Size?

The size of a team can have a great impact on its effectiveness, productivity and happiness. There needs to be a balance between team member satisfaction, team productivity, and collaboration. Despite the availability of information and experience, there still seems to be a belief that throwing more people at a problem will solve it faster. … Read more

Onboarding New Team Members

Onboarding new team members is a critical process, yet many new starters often feel that their onboarding didn’t prepare them well enough for their role. There are some important, yet simple steps that you can take to improve the process of integrating new team members and getting them off and running in the team. Have … Read more

How to Build a Team from the Ground Up

Building a new team from the ground up can be a daunting task. Once you’ve found the people to form your team, you still need to get them working together, and feeling like a team. These tips will help you change a group of people sitting together into a performing team. Establish the Purpose of … Read more

How to Rebuild a Broken Team

Is your team toxic? Are there constant arguments, silence, threats, accusations, and blaming? Does everyone seem to be just going through the motions, turning up but lacking the drive to do anything more than the bare minimum? Get to the Heart of Problem Getting to the heart of the problem and identifying the core issue … Read more