What is Developer Experience?

If you can save 5 minutes per day for 500 developers, you save enough money to pay for a whole team?  According to a McKinsey study on Developer Experience, this is the case. What is Developer Experience? Developer experience (DevEx, or DX) is similar to CX (customer experience) and UX (user experience) as it looks … Read more

What is the main role of the product owner during backlog refinement?

The main role of the Product Owner during backlog refinement is to collaborate with the development team and other stakeholders to clarify and prioritize the items in the product backlog.  Backlog refinement, also known as backlog grooming or backlog management, is an ongoing activity in Agile development where the product backlog is reviewed and refined … Read more

How to Set Up a Home Where You Can Work and Relax

Setting Up Home for Work and Relax

Working from home offers lots of benefits, from not having to commute to being able to spend more time with family. That said, balancing your personal and professional life under one roof isn’t always easy. It’s important to set up your home so that it’s conducive to work while still allowing for relaxation. Use the … Read more

Effective Remote Team Communication

The importance of Effective Remote Team Communication Remote team communication is an important part of ensuring a successful remote working environment. Effective communication enables remote employees to stay connected and collaborate, which is a key ingredient in productivity. It allows teams to discuss projects and tasks more efficiently, share ideas quickly and easily, and identify … Read more

Tips for Staying Productive While Working Remotely

Remote work has many benefits for both employers and employees, but it also has some challenges. Being able to stay productive while working remotely can at times be a challenge. Here we have our list of tips for ensuring you are able to keep healthy, focused and productive. Create a Dedicated Workspace Develop a Schedule … Read more

What is Remote Work?

The term remote work refers to performing job duties from a remote location, which includes working remotely via telecommuting, working from home or coworking spaces, or even travelling and working from airports or other locations. The flexibility and convenience provided by remote work appeal to both employees and employers. Employees have the freedom to set … Read more

The Best Sites for Finding Remote Work

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was growing in popularity, and since the pandemic, the number of remote jobs and websites for finding these jobs has exploded. In this article, we list what we think are the best sites for finding remote work. Why do we think these are the best – they specialise … Read more

What is the Meaning of T-Shaped in Agile?

In scrum, and in many Agile frameworks, the term ‘T-shaped’ refers to the skills of the members of the team. The team members have a skill or skills that they specialise in, and then they have other skills that are competent in but are not specialists.  In a typical development team, the majority of team … Read more

What is the difference between change management and change leadership?

Change Management is the discipline of analysing, planning and executing the actions to be taken to help people respond to the change. This can include communications, training, and engaging directly with the people most impacted by the change. Change Management frameworks help to guide organisations and change managers on the process. These frameworks include ADKAR, … Read more